Friday, February 5, 2010

The $1.00 Desk

This small desk was found at a garage sale for $1.00. The seller really liked it, but decided to part with it due to her husband's procrastination of several years. A board needed to be replaced on the right side to stabilize it and, obviously, it needed a paint job. I felt the board would be too plain and decided to add the barley twist legs for more pizazz. Some vintage trim was added to the sides (by the drawers) and old moulding was added at the bottom of the sides (not easily visible in the photos) to cover some chips. Wood appliques from Lowe's were put on the drawer knobs and another wood applique was placed at the bottom. After the paint dried, a water based stain was applied to age the paint and give it a slightly dirty look. (The piece will become "dirtier" as more stain is applied.) I only wanted a subtle aged paint "dirty" effect. Adding trim and appliques elevates the charm element.

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